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Many people do not opt for furniture repair in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor because they think it is a hassle to fix them. Repairing is a better option because it is a more affordable option; if you are struggling to purchase a new one, why not repair it? 

Some old pieces of wood furniture hold important memories or even sentimental value. If you have an old piece of furnishing and fittings inherited from your family, antiques, and furnishings that fit sentimental values in your heart at home or office, throwing it away can be challenging. 

However, you do not have to feel that there is no way out; you can always look for furniture repair service. This type of restoration work gives the furniture a good and better look all while maintaining its authenticity. 

If you have not done this before, here is some information on the types of furniture we fix and some of the many services we provide in Klang Valley and PJ: 

Sofa Repair

The first place to get broken or torn is usually the sofa cushion seating. This usually happens because the sofa is used for a long time or accidents including food being spilled on it, which leaves permanent damage. Sofas can be a favourite house fittings for your pet to scratch and leave marks on. It can be more obvious if the mark is on white sofas. 

Seating Upholstery

Upholstering refers to the service using materials that go into the soft covers of chairs, sofas, and other furniture, including the fabric, padding, webbing, and springs. If you have been using it too long, the interior may be spoiled or needs to be changed. For example, when you sit on it, it sinks down and the external surface may be worn off.

Leather Reupholstery

Although leather upholstery is known for its properties of being long-lasting and durable, leather is more prone to splits and breaks than textiles because of its tanned skin. Leather is more vulnerable to injury from things like sharp objects. If you start noticing major cracks, we recommend you to bring them to a professional sofa upholsterer immediately for repair to insert leather fillers or sub-patches. 

Fix Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is famous for its long-lasting properties where it can withstand hot and cold temperatures. Rattan furniture has unique properties but it can become loose over the years and requires good care. Luckily you can always have our help to glue it or even weave new rattan pieces if they are missing. 

Be spontaneous if you are still unsure if your furnishings can be repaired, simply consult our helpful technicians in KL and Damansara on your options. They would help give recommendations you require. 

Our company’s staff are all highly professional and very efficient in doing the job. If you have any budget in mind, do let us know.

We will be glad to assist you through message, email, or phone call for further information and questions today.

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Quality Workmanship

Our employees are experienced and have been in the upholstery industry for a very long time. We can handle many types of problems, mainly because each furniture is very unique in shape, and material used.


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Get to know what you are spending on as we provide FREE quotation that covers the details of our services. No surprise last minute hidden fees. We only proceed to commence the work once the quote has been accepted.


Wide Range Of Materials

We have worked with many types of materials, and we do use them when it comes to repairing various furniture. We are used to working and operating with different types of leather and fabric materials.

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