PVC Upholstery in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

PVC upholstery, known as polyvinyl chloride, has successfully gained popularity for our residential and commercial clients from various sectors in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as an alternative solution for genuine leather. 

In PVC upholstery, the polyvinyl chlorides that are chemically altered from vinyl work synergistically with reinforcing plasticizers to make up the film layer of the strong combinations of polyester fiber, thus, resulting in its high durability characteristics. 

Advantages Of PVC Upholstery

There are many benefits to choosing PVC coated fabrics upholstery. If you are cost-conscious, PVC upholstery can be a great option because it is cheaper in price with aesthetic value and comfort at the same time. Due to its water resistance property, it can be cleaned easily and thus leaving zero or mere stains. 

Another advantage of PVC fabric upholstery would be it is a sustainable material that is better for the earth as it is not composed of animal sources. 

PVC Leather Vs PU Leather

People often confuse the classification of PVC leather with PU leather. However, they both exhibit different properties and purposes. Hence, it is important to learn the differences between these two before making up your mind. 

One major difference would be durability where PVC has higher durability compared to PU. PVC has a higher resistance to wear and tear. 

On the other hand, PU leather is made up of lesser underlying layers and thus making it more breathable than PVC. Although PVC can be less breathable than PU, it is less prone to collecting stains compared to PU. 

Another reason why PVC leather is popular for fabric upholstering is that PU can be much more expensive because the manufacturing process for PU is more complicated than PVC. 

Is PVC The Same As Faux Leather? 

No, PVC is not the same as faux or synthetic leather. PVC is a type of synthetic plastic polymer. However, in certain cases, imitation leathers can be made of PVC which is highly suitable for custom upholstery use. 

In terms of appearance, faux leathers share some similar characteristics to 100 percent real types of leather while PVC has various textures depending on its processing. In addition, faux leathers are easier to clean than PVC when stains drop on the surface cover.  

We are a professional sofa upholstery company that helps our customers across Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya with different types of upholstery projects including collaborating with designers’ brands for their collections. In order to meet the different demands of our customers, our PVC leathers are available in a wide variety of options no matter if you are looking for a cellular or compact type. 

You can choose different colors and styles from our sample for your couch coverings based on your own unique preferences to match every portion of the design of your room and bed sheets such as single colour plain textile, beautiful colored textile, embossed designs, and knit patterns. These PVC leathers look good and are applicable for furniture upholstery including couches, dining chairs, gaming chairs, etc. 

What are you still waiting for? Drop us a line for more PVC upholstery details if you are in Damansara, Kepong, or Subang Jaya! We are excited to assist you.

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