Furniture Restoration in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We provide one of the best furniture restoration services available in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Furniture restoration can involve furniture painting, revarnishing, furniture cleaning, and furniture repair of broken parts to restore its original look while maintaining the whole design of the said furniture. It is commonly used for old antique furniture whereby the household owners wish to keep the furniture piece for many years to come.

Is It Worth It To Restore Furniture?

It depends if you have the intention to restore that particular furniture or not. If you really want to keep using it or for sentimental reasons, then it is always worth it regardless of the restoration cost involved.

On the other hand, if this furniture is not some antique furniture or a family heirloom, then you should ask about the cost of the furniture restoration service before deciding what to do with the furniture piece that you have. This is because sometimes it may be easier and cheaper to buy new furniture.

What is the Difference Between Furniture Restoring and Furniture Refinishing?

Furniture refinishing involves altering the surface finish of the furniture. These steps may involve the use of chemical strippers, sanding and so on. A perfect example would be reapplying several times of shellac to the wood furniture so that it’s appearance is improved. 

Furniture restoration on the other hand refers to the makeover of an old chair, bed headboard or sofa to make it look like a new piece of furniture. It is advisable to approach a professional furniture restoration shop on this matter.

Our Furniture Restoration Services Includes the Following:

  • Antique Furniture Restoration

Are you planning to restore the charm of an antique furniture that was given to you by your family member? Then our furniture restoration service is the perfect solution for you because we are experts in restoring antique furniture in Klang Valley and Shah Alam.

We have the right equipment and tools to renew your old furniture so that it can be used and retain its value over time. Without proper maintenance, every furniture can lose its appeal over time for sure, hence, do opt for our company’s furniture service in KL.

  • Wood Furniture Restoration

After using your wooden furniture for an extended period of time, its surface tends to lose its shine. When this happens, do not rush and replace your wood furniture with a brand new one immediately, and instead explore options to restore your old wood furniture.

You can either do this restoration DIY by using home solutions or hire a professional furniture company to do it for you. However, we strongly advise that you get the experts to handle it because they have the right equipment and experience to perform the necessary work.

  • Sofa Restoration

A sofa set is an important furniture for every home, hence some customers opt to restore their sofa after using it for many years to extend its useful life. This is because over time, wear and tear can start to show. After all these years, it is time to approach a professional furniture restoration service to get all these done so that you can enjoy your sofa in the comfort of your home.

  • Upholstery Restoration

By saving money, some households choose to upholster their leather or fabric sofa or couch by engaging a professional furniture upholstery service

By hiring our furniture restoration service, you can reuse your existing furniture which is more environmentally friendly. Not only that, the furniture can last longer after it has been restored.

Are you still looking for a furniture restoration service provider in Damansara, Ampang, or Subang Jaya? Please get in touch with our helpful customer service staff by phone call or Whatsapp message right now for more information.

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