Gaming Chair Upholstery in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

We provide gaming chair upholstery service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor as these chairs are getting more and more popular due to working from home, there are people who are seeking this particular service. The rising trend of it has made the gaming chair upholstery and repair service more in demand especially after it has past the manufacturer’s warranty period. 

Most gaming chairs come with an integrated lumbar support plush pillow and spacious seat with depth that can help give a pleasant experience and maintain a healthy body posture and position during the long hours of sitting in front of your computer. 

When should you reupholster or repair your chair? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Frame and Chair Parts

Some spare parts of your game seats such as the spring or padding might not be functioning well after a few years or were being sat on by someone above its weight capacity and this serves as a sign that you would need a reupholster or a repair treatment to give your seating a longer lifetime. 

These problems include difficulty in height adjustment which may cause neck tension and spinal pressure, the chair starting to tilt at an angle, compressed flat memory foam, damaged padded seat, and malfunctioning gas lift. 

  • Wear and Tear

Parts of your computer chair may need to be changed after a few years due to wear and tear. When you notice the colour of the armrest or cushions is faded, replacing it will be a good choice in order to maintain its appearance.

  • Customization of Chair

If you are looking to change the original design or colour of your gaming chair, this is where our customization service will support you to build a premium game chair of your own style and with ergonomic features at the same time.

For the budget-conscious, the usage of PU leather material would be suitable as it is an imitation of genuine leather. The advantage of PU material as compared to real leather as it is easier to maintain the former. You can opt for the fabric types with cold properties it provides enough breathability which is suitable for hot countries like Malaysia. Comparison price-wise, authentic leathers come at the top, followed by fabric and PU Leathers at the bottom.

Here’s a small guide that you can follow to choose to customise your own gaming chair:

  • Material

As listed above, the most popular options are PU leathers and synthetic Fabric. The PU material is resistant to water for accident spills while mesh fabrics provide better breathability so that it is still cool and breathable especially after you sit for long hours.

  • Durability

The durability of the chairs for gamers depends on the material used. While the material for reupholstery is important, the turning platform which includes a heavy steel or metal base, and the wheels are the foundation of the PC chair so they should be paid attention to. 

  • Colour

Appearance might be the first choice for customers who wanted their chairs to look good according to their room styles. PU leather is preferred for its looks and texture. You can choose a different form of color for different multifunction parts of the chair such as the cushion, headrest, backrest, and cover based on your taste.

No matter what type of brands you own, please note that our legitimate local company provides a range of PC chair repair services which include spare parts replacement, chair mechanics repair due to squeaking sounds, and more. 

Looking for gaming chair reupholstery or office chair repair service in Klang Valley, Damansara, or Petaling Jaya? Search no further and feel free to contact our customer service through email or call us now so we can look more into how we can further assist you.

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